About Us

I’m David Veech, Founder, Travel Advisor, and Sales Executive for Clandestine Travel.

I’ve always been curious. That curiosity has given me the opportunity to travel the world learning and teaching others while discovering hidden secrets to every destination I visit.

I have stayed in opulent luxury and in frosty tents and everything in between. I’ll bring that experience and excitement to you as we build your favorite vacation ever.

I’m a huge fan of spy movies and I’ve often crafted vacations around the theme of a client’s favorite movie – always adding special, secret touches that make for the best memories.


Here are the key points to my vacation philosophy:

1. Vacations should always be relaxing and exciting but never stressful.
2. Never rush on vacation – take a little extra time.
3. Your vacation begins when you leave work the night before, not when you get there.
4. A visit to a new place should give you an authentic experience.
5. Your vacation should be a luxurious departure from your daily life.
6. The secret to less stress is less “traveling” and more “being there.” Planes, trains, and bus schedules are inherently stressful. As for driving yourself – some love it (me), some hate it (my wife.)
7. The best vacations involve water, whether it’s an ocean, a sea, a lake, a river, or snowy mountains.

These are mine, but my specialty is listening to yours and creating reality from your dreams.

How we got started

Shifting from business advisor to travel advisor

I’ve been a business consultant and coach since I retired from the Army in 2001.  I focus on process improvement, employee engagement, and leadership development and still do a lot of work for clients in this field.  I’ve written two books on the subjects of problem solving and leadership.

Several years ago, while working with a client in a remote small town near the middle of nowhere, I started asking myself why don’t I find some clients with operations in nicer locations, like Miami and the Caribbean.  I started searching for businesses operating in these areas and kept running into travel suppliers – cruise lines in particular.  That pushed me to want to learn more about how they operate and I discovered that the best access was as a travel advisor.  

The other motivator for me is traveling itself.  I love it.  I travel nearly 100,000 miles every year in my business advisor role and I get to discover little secret places wherever I go.  I had an idea about taking groups on trips where the itinerary flowed from the shooting locations for my favorite spy movies.  The James Bond series and Jason Bourne series offer hundreds of fantastic locations that fans would love to see.  But instead of trying to become a tour operator, I decided that I could do the same as a travel advisor working with a couple of key suppliers like Kensington and Abercrombie & Kent.

I started Clandestine Travel Ltd officially in 2018, found a host agency I really like in Avoya Travel, and started learning and selling travel.  Those first couple of years I tried nearly everything to see what I might like best and decided that luxury vacations seemed to have the biggest impact on people.  The pandemic destroyed travel in 2020, and I used that time to begin building better systems to attract luxury clients and continued learning.   

In 2021, I formed a new partnership with TravelingToGive, a do it yourself luxury travel planning tool.  True to its name, it allows you to find your own hotels nearby wherever you need to be – whether at a business meeting, visiting friends and family or attending an event.  Simply type in the name or address of where you need to be (the actual company name or venue) and let our system do the work.  In addition to finding the best rates on luxury hotels nearby, we also give you driving directions, estimated drive time and the ability to book a car and air if needed.  We’ve also chosen our favorite online travel tools and added them to our 24/7 online concierge tool.  With every trip that you take, we donate to a local charity.

Lots of things continued to change in 2022.  I decided to part ways with Avoya and take Clandestine Travel Ltd wholly independent.  We worked through CCRA to gain my TRUE number, allowing me to book and receive commissions directly from suppliers.  We also joined Cruise Lines International Association as an agency and created Agency accounts with all of our key suppliers.


Our Qualifications

We have completed focused travel advisor training to become specialists for the following:

  • AMA Waterways
  • Avalon Waterways
  • Disney Cruises
  • Disney Parks
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Norwegian
  • Oceania 
  • Regent Seven Seas 
  • Princess 
  • Celebrity 
  • Royal Caribbean 

Our preferred partners for Land Tours and All Inclusive Resorts are:

  • Club Med
  • Sandals
  • Pleasant Holidays
  • Classic Vacations
  • Abercrombie & Kent
  • Kensington
  • Collette
  • Globus
  • Rothschild Safaris
  • Viator