Give your Cruise Clients their own 24×7 Concierge

Add a new revenue stream and additional value to your clients

As a Cruise Specialist, you bring enormous value to what can otherwise be a very complex booking process.  Your clients know you and trust you.  But getting to the cruise is another matter.

Did you know that 89% of all trips taken in this country are by car? 

Your clients may want to drive and stop and visit friends or see sights along the way to the cruise.  That planning is often done after the cruise is booked and your clients are thinking about how to get there or what to do afterwards.

With TravelingToGive™, you can give them their own self-booking tool, available 24×7 right on your website, which allows them to find hotels nearby any point or address, including the cruise port.  It also gives them driving directions and estimated driving time, plus car rental and air booking.   And true to its name, every trip benefits your charity of choice.

This tool is live, give it a try.

Expand your offering beyond cruises with Do It Yourself Luxury

Your clients may also have trips that crop up unexpectedly (after hours natch….) where you aren’t available to help.   It may be as simple as needing a hotel room near the wedding they are attending, or wanting to go on a shopping trip or just chilling with friends.  Maybe they are sports fans and want to go see their favorite team on the road, or want to go to a concert.  Or perhaps they have just lost a loved one and need to book a hotel near the funeral home, church or synogogue.  They may be collaborating with a business partner or competing in a race.

Curate your own Concierge Page

You can have one tool for your agency, customized with your information, which can include pictures of each of your cruise specialists, or each of your specialists can have their own page.  You can also have one tool for each of your best clients, with their preferences built in.  You can even link the concierge tab to videos or images of the cruise that you have booked for them, making their mobile device a portal into everything that they need.

Is there a cost for this tool?

Yes, there is a one time fee of $399 to set up your account and get your tools for your site, blog or Facebook page.  The TravelingToGive™ team will even do the activation for you if you will give them access to your website.  It just takes minutes and doesn’t cost extra.

You then earn a small royalty on each booking (paid quarterly with a $100 minimum), plus we donate 10% to your charity of choice for each booking.   This is making money while you sleep, since you don’t have to service the booking process or the trips booked online.  And we help you communicate the new capabilities to your client base in curated communications tools that are branded with your agency logo.

How do I support the trips booked online?

TravelingToGive™ has 24x7x365 support in 40 languages for all online trips.  Your clients can change/cancel online (where allowed by the supplier) and your clients can call for support as needed.  And best of all, if they find the hotel room cheaper anywhere else on the web, TravelingToGive guarantees they have the best rates and will pay your client 110% of the difference on the rate, no questions asked.


How do I get started?

Activation only takes 15 minutes.  We’ll have a quick call to understand your needs and get you set up.  If you want to explore other opportunities to expand your agency, we can also help with that.  Get started now.